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Sweat Slim Belt Plus

Quick Overview

Brand : Tele Brand
Name : Sweat Slim Belt Plus
Model :
Categories : Health And Beauty , Hot Deals
Price : BDT 1250
Privious Price : BDT 1590
Discount : 21.383647798742 %

Contact Cell : 01712588951, 01972727170

Availability: In stock


If you're feeling too soft in the middle to face swimsuit season, the Sweat Slim Belt Plus's promise of simplifying the quest for a slimmer waist might pique your interest. Designed to work like a sauna suit without the cumbersome feeling of being wrapped in plastic from head to toe, the Sweat Slim Belt Plus is a neoprene sleeve that fits snugly around your torso.

The Sweat Slim Belt Plus is constructed from two separate layers of fabric. First, an insulating inner layer made from Neotex intelligent fibers raises your body temperature, causing you to sweat, sweat, sweat on the inside. Then, the thicker outer layer promises to absorb any sweat, ensuring that there's never any tell-tale moisture marking up your clothing.

The Sweat Slim Belt Plus is created and sold by TriStar Products, the makers of many popular "As Seen On TV" products, including the Perfecter Fusion Styler, and Clear TV Antenna.

How To Use The Sweat Slim Belt Plus
Using the Sweat Slim Belt Plus is straightforward: Simply put it on underneath your clothing and go about your day like normal. Form-fitting and comfortable enough to be worn while you work, study, exercise or even "surf the internet", the Sweat Slim Belt Plus promises to nearly double the amount of calories burned during every activity.

Unlike other belly-burner shapers on the market, the Hot Belt doesn't appear to provide any way to fasten the fabric around your waist, leaving how one wiggles into the tight tube up to your imagination - but something to consider if you're not particularly limber.

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