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Power Perfect Pro

Quick Overview

Brand :
Name : Power Perfect Pro
Model :
Categories : Health And Beauty
Price : BDT 1150

Contact Cell : 01712588951, 01972727170

Availability: In stock


Products Description

A little information about this product:
It comes with 4 different attachments.
* Exfoliation Brush: To exfoliate before proceeding with pore cleansing.
* Cleaning Sponge: To thoroughly clean your face with cleanser.
* Face Suction Cup: To effectively remove black or white heads.
* Contour Massager: To gently massage your face.

The Exfoliation Brush is pretty... useless I find. I feel that I'm sweeping my face rather than exfoliating it.

The Cleaning Sponge kind of works? But you need to constantly press on the 'Mist' button to spray your face (or rather, a small area of your face) in order to produce much of any foam. My face did feel a lot cleaner after using though.
But I'm fairly certain that if you got a good facial cleanser and used a facial cleansing sponge, you'd probably get the same effect, if not better. Though not as cool as using a gadget, eh?

The Suction Cup is supposed to be what this machine is all about.
In my opinion, all this does is tug and pull at your skin, nothing's removed. Maybe I just don't have that many black or white heads to remove. BUT STILL, even after I aimed at a certain visible black head, there's no 'miracle'.

The Contour Massager is pretty useless. It doesn't glide easily and if you tried to apply a little more pressure to it, it'll get stuck and stop revolving, it may even detach itself.

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