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AB Roller Slide

Quick Overview

Brand : Asian Sky Shop (BD)
Name : AB Roller Slide
Model :
Categories : Sports and Fitness
Price : BDT 1490
Privious Price : BDT 1990
Discount : 25.125628140704 %

Contact Cell : 01712588951, 01972727170

Availability: In stock


Products Description

An Ab Slide can help you tone your abdominal muscles by engaging them completely while exercising. While the reviews for the Ab Slide are mixed, making sure that you use an Ab Slide correctly can help you to better evaluate how effective it is. When using the Ab Slide correctly, you should feel a difference in the strength of your abdominal muscles. The compact design of the Ab Slide means you can complete workouts wherever you are.
  1. Step 1 : Lay a small exercise mat down on the floor. A padded mat works best, and if you purchased your Ab Slide from the manufacturer, you should have a small knee pad that came with the product. If not, a standard foam fitness mat will do.
  2. Step 2 :Kneel down onto the mat, with the Ab Slide in front of you. Rest your bottom onto your heels as your starting position.
  3. Step 3 :Grip the handles on either side of the Ab Slide. Raise your bottom so that you are balancing your body on your knees and your hands, which are holding the Ab Roller. You should be in a position you might be found in if you were crawling on your hands and knees.

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