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Vibro Shap Slimming Belt

Quick Overview

Brand : Asian Sky Shop (BD)
Name : Vibro Shap Slimming Belt
Model :
Categories : Health And Beauty
Price : BDT 2290
Privious Price : BDT 2990
Discount : 23.411371237458 %

Contact Cell : 01712588951, 01972727170

Availability: In stock


This Vibro belt is also well known as Sweet Slim Belt or Slimming belt. With the help of this slimming belt, you will be able to burn your fat easily and quickly. You can use this fat burning slimming belt at home or office. With vibration and hot it will help you to burn fat and lose weight soon and safely.

Get the perfect body that you've always dreamed of with this Vibro Shape Slimming Belt. This multifunction massage belt has a unique heating function that utilizes palpitating movements to slim and tone different parts of the body. It also aids in curing rheumatoid arthritis, rheumatoid bone disease, waist, and leg pain. This slimming waistband has a LED digital display controller that depicts information clearly. The Vibro slimming belt is designed in accordance with the traditional Chinese medicine massage theory, so you get a more comfortable experience. The belt is available in black and can be used on the waist, legs, and other body parts easily.

The Vibro body and waist slimming belt are designed to help you achieve that ideal figure. It can be used on the legs, waist, and other body parts conveniently. The belt messages efficiently, promoting blood circulation and accelerating the breakdown of fat, thus helping you achieve weight loss quicker. Correspondingly, it also stimulates blood flow and eliminates pain and stress with the reduction of occurrences in lactic acid. This slimming belt also helps indigestion, by massaging your abdominal area. You can adjust the massage intensities to ensure maximum satisfaction and gain better returns.

Get the full benefits of Electric Vibro Slimming Vest just using 10 minutes every day. For Better result, you may need to use your Vibro Hot and Seat slimming belt two times in a day.

The slimming waistband from Vibro is designed with an oval shape that offers complete body coverage, so you can build a slim body faster. The belt can be carried almost anywhere, on account of its compact and lightweight body. It comes along with various accessories that help achieve your goal faster and effortlessly.

Vibro Belt is now available in Bangladesh. This Vibro Slimming Belt has Both Heat function and Vibration to reduce fat of your belly. Now you can get- Vibro Belt Price in BD with Home Delivery and Cash on Delivery in Dhaka City.


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