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Nutrislim Plus

Quick Overview

Brand :
Name : Nutrislim Plus
Model :
Categories : Health And Beauty
Price : BDT 3570
Privious Price : BDT 3990
Discount : 10.526315789474 %

Contact Cell : 01712588951, 01972727170

Availability: In stock


100% Natural and safe to use
Contains two jars of powder of 500 grams each & one jar of 60 capsules
A healthy Ayurvedic drink mix formulated to support weight loss and become slim
A meal replacement therapy which helps effectively to shed weight as a part of calorie controlled diet.
Available only in chocolate flavor.
Recommended age group is 16 years & above
Ayurwin has launched one year package to reduce excess body weight & look slim.
This is an exclusive 12 months package deal which includes fifteen containers of Nutrislim Plus Powder & six containers of Nutrislim Plus Capsule. This combo pack comes with a worthy discounted price.
As per the experts, 6 jars of powder should be used for the 1st three months along with 3 jars of capsules. The next 3 months you can use 3 jars of powder with 3 jars of capsule. The 2nd next 3 months you will also continue with 3 jars of powder. The remaining 3 jars of Nutrislim powder can be used in the last 3 months.
The actual price comes for the 15 jar of Nutrislim powder is Rs. 13290/-& 6 jars of capsule is Rs.2952/-. So Total will be Rs.16242/-.However being in a combo offer, you can avail this on Rs.12999/- only
This is not end of the offer. You will get a digital weighing machine absolutely free along with combo.
Nutrislim Plus powder contains Vrikshamla, Haridra, Lashuna, Methika which Helps in reducing the formed cholesterol (fat) in the body and also helps in avoiding formation of new fat cells in the body. Nutrislim Plus powder act on bringing satiety to the individual with its high fibers & providing the minimum basic calories. This feeling of satisfaction actually brings down the false hunger & repeated eating.
Nutrislim Plus capsules in addition have Potent Bioavailable herbs such as Pippali, Maricha, Shunti which corrects the Digestive system & Fat metabolism, which in turn burns down the accumulated fat store in the body when supported by physical exercises.
The combination of Powder capsules gives the best results because powder helps to bring satiety and helps to reduce false hunger and takes care on the minimal calorie intake and Capsules corrects the digestive system and burns down the fat.

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