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AB King Pro

Quick Overview

Brand : Asian Sky Shop (BD)
Name : AB King Pro
Model :
Categories : Sports and Fitness
Price : BDT 5790

Contact Cell : 01712588951, 01972727170

Availability: In stock


Products Description

The Ab King Pro is a popular work out device that offers 200 degrees of flexibility and motion. The Ab King Pro video pack comes with an English language conditioning and work out instruction tape, a plan to help you slim down, and a month long money-back guarantee. What makes the Ab King Pro so appealing to consumers is its compactness, adjustability, and padding.

Unlike other abdominal workout machines, the Ab King Pro supports the back and chest throughout the exercise, so that you don\\\'t strain muscles or ligaments. In addition, it claims to protect your neck and head from unwieldy twisting and strange positioning. Thus, couch potatoes or people with underdeveloped muscles (for whatever reason) can work out their abdominals without risking injury or aggravation to other parts of the body.

The Ab King uses engineered rolling wheels to create a consistent, smooth motion. You simply go up and down to build your six-pack. The Ab King will also work out your obliques. Given that more and more research suggests that abdominal strength predicts everything from later life muscular health to longevity (potentially, according to some studies) it is no surprise that Ab King Pro units are selling quickly. Of course, to get optimum results from your Ab King Pro workout, it is a good idea to work out a diet and exercise program with your physician and to reduce levels of stress in your life. By using this machine to target your abs in a precision way, some believe you can get more tone in less time.

All you need is just couple of minutes a day, along with proper diet and regular exercise, to tone and flatten your stomach in days, not months! Ab King Pro creates a smooth consistent motion to help you get a full range of motion that targets your abs and obloquies, firming them quickly and easily.

Adjustable resistance level perfectly suited to any fitness level.
Provides proper neck and back support to keep you in perfect form.
Folds away for easy storage.
Thick padding allows you to exercise in comfort and provides excellent support.
Ab King Pro offers you different ranges of motions for different levels of resistance.

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